JHG Texas Speaker Series, Fall 20: From The Front Lines – The impact of and by Nurses during COVID19

Letters of Appreciation to Covid-19 First Responders

Dallas County was a hotbed for Covid-19. The rate of daily infections reached almost 1,600. Consequently, our hospitals were overburdened having to cope with the surge of Corona patients. It was our confrère Andreas Bremer whose daughter is a nurse in Austin, who came up with the idea to do something for these overwhelmed doctors, nurses and support staff  to show our gratitude and appreciation. After consultation with UTSouthwestern Medical Center, it was decided to write personal letters to E.R. doctors and staff since “words speak louder than gifts”, particularly words of thanks and encouragement desperately  needed on days when it feels like nothing goes right trying to save patients’ lives . A morale booster from the community would be exactly what they needed.

We wrote more than 150 letters, included a Starbucks Gift Card and a tube of good smelling hand lotion, something highly appreciated by nurses who constantly have to wash their hands which become rough and soar.

Everything was delivered to UTSouthwestern and received by Deena Koshy of the hospital’s Gift Administration Department who expressed  gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the University Hospital for this gesture of human empathy.

Due to Corona,  we are not able to volunteer and provide hands-on help, we are happy to render moral support to those battling at the frontline of the pandemic.

RR Jürgen v. Hövell