Our Charitable Causes

  • Serving food to the needy at the Dallas Salvation Army
  • Nursing studies scholarships with DCCCD, TWU, and UTA
  • Serving food to veterans’ families at the Dallas Fisher House
  • Hands-on help for the Dallas Ramps Project
  • Hands-on and financial support to foster children and their families in North Texas
  • One-on-one visitations with sick and elderly patients in North Texas hospitals
  • Several other good causes are made available to us through our local churches

JHG Texas Academic Nursing Scholarship

​JHG Texas has recently created its first nursing scholarship for North Texas in keeping with  the Johanniter Order’s tradition of helping the sick  and the needy for over 950 years.

The need for more nursing staff is critical in North Texas, where currently over 22,000 trained practitioners in this area alone are missing and by 2020, the shortage of  nurses will have risen to over 70,000. Qualified applicants to nursing programs, especially in Community Colleges typically come from low-income families who often lack the funds to pay for the costs of tuition, books and nursing supplies needed to complete the entire education.

That is why JHG Texas  offers scholarships for qualified, needy students, which will be encouraged to a career in nursing, thanks to the JHG Texas Nursing Scholarship. The funds provided are administered by the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), which is the most promising organization in this area to reach our target group of promising applicants. Most four year nursing schools are enrolled at full capacity, while recently approved legislation allows DCCCD to expand its curriculum from two to four years, thus enabling students to qualify for a RN designation, in addition to a LVN.

Our criteria for applicants includes that they prove their need for financial aid and maintain a 3.0 or better GPA for the duration of the scholarship. All funds will only be used for tuition, books, fees and nursing supplies.

JHG Texas seeks donations from friends and supporters to support the nursing scholarship program. 100% of the funds we receive are applied to the scholarships since we have no overhead or administrative costs. Donations in smaller denominations are welcomed to be combined into DCCCD’s minimum scholarship grants of $5,000. For donations over $5,000 we offer naming rights.  JHG Texas has also has a $25,000 goal to raise a fully endowed scholarship fund that establishes a perpetual solution to help alleviate the nursing shortage in North Texas.

Please contact Henry Fink, President of JHG Texas Corporation,  for additional information (Email) or via mail at JHG Texas Corporation, 3221 Purdue, Dallas, TX 75225  to support our JHG Texas Nursing Scholarship effort.

Thank you for making a difference in improving the Healthcare of North Texas with Your gracious donation!

You can find out more about our JHG Texas Nursing Scholarship Program by clicking on the links below:

JHG Nursing Scholarship Website
JHG Nursing Scholarship Overview

Feedback for Our Charitable Work

Among other initiatives in 2013, JHG Texas donated foods and materials to foster families in North Texas over the Thanksgiving holidays. Allow us to relay the experiences of two families whom we were able to help:

“Our family would like to thank you for the gift card for our Thanksgiving meal. We have three foster children right now and each of them picked their favorite dish to add to our table which included broccoli and rice casserole, cowboy salad, and mashed potatoes, the real ones! One of them said grace and it was such a blessing to us.”

“Thank you so much for the gift card to help purchase our Thanksgiving Dinner.  What a great surprise.   The children love, love the ham, turkey and sweets we bought.  Of course they each like something different.  One wanted Pumpkin Pie with LOTS of Cool Whip.  The other wanted brownies (lots of brownies), and of course one wanted Pecan Pie.  The little one was happy with chocolate chip cookies.  Thanks for making it all possible.  You’re the best!”

As you see in this feedback, we did not encounter demands for video games, iPads or TV’s, but for very basic pleasures such as mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie. In addition to helping the children with their very modest needs, these contributions have also accomplished something much more important. They have given the children, many of whom have never experienced “normality” in their lives, a little bit of stability and dependability. That is something many of the children have never encountered before and it is truly priceless to them.

North Texas Foster Care

On some of our projects, we work closely with foster families in the North Texas region. Below is an interview that was conducted by our friends at Lutheran Social Services of the South. It provides deep insights into the work that these great volunteers do every day to help, support and often rescue children who have been abused, neglected and wounded at a very early age.

Texas Ramp Project

The Texas Ramp Project has long been one of our most important engagements in charity. The organization uses groups of volunteers to build ramps for handicapped individuals who are no longer able to enter their own homes with ease. By doing so the organization fills a highly important gap that neither medial aid nor social services can address. For our knights as well as friends and supporters of JHG Texas it is an extremely rewarding experience and one that is also a lot of fun.

Dallas Morning News reported on the organization and its projects on October 22, 2015. You can read the article here.